Portable is a compilation of free and open source portable computer applications programs for Microsoft Windows founded by John T. Haller, and members of the site's community. The applications can run directly from any storage equipment which can be randomly read from and written to, including flash drive, MP3 player, external hard drive, floppy disk (if capacity is sufficient), possibly rewritable optical disk, or directly from a computer's mass storage device. These applications do not leave any data on the host computer. They are also modified to minimize drive usage to prolong device life. Most can run on almost any computer with Windows 95 and above or with Linux under Wine.

The Portable project is hosted on Source, and has gained some popularity. It has been at number 4 in the total weekly downloads on Source Forge; as of 17 June 2008 it is at number.

All launchers and included applications are free of charge and open source, usually under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

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