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Mplayer Core Changes to able detect TS stream!

Reported by: GeminiServer Owned by: elupus
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After long sessions i found why MPlayer was not able to detect and mux the TS stream comes From the Dreambox / Dbox2.

Just Simple:

The Cachh settings for bFileOnLAN or bFileOnInternet would not set for the play string...

mplayer play:,78 cachesize:1024 Flipping bi-directional subtitles disabled Stating file,78.conf Stating file Q:\mplayer\,78.conf


  1. just set the default return cache size to 4096

instead of using 1024. Then Mplayer is able to detect the correct stream

Mplayer.cpp ... .... int CMPlayer::GetCacheSize(bool bFileOnHD,bool bFileOnISO,bool bFileOnUDF,bool bFileOnInternet,bool bFileOnLAN, bool bIsVideo, bool bIsAudio, bool bIsDVD) {

if (g_stSettings.m_bNoCache) return 0;

if (bFileOnHD) {

if ( bIsDVD ) return


if ( bIsVideo) return


if ( bIsAudio) return


} if (bFileOnISO) {

if ( bIsDVD ) return


if ( bIsVideo) return


if ( bIsAudio) return


} if (bFileOnUDF) {

if ( bIsDVD ) return


if ( bIsVideo) return


if ( bIsAudio) return


} if (bFileOnInternet) {

if ( bIsDVD ) return


if ( bIsVideo) return


if ( bIsAudio) return


} if (bFileOnLAN) {

if ( bIsDVD ) return


if ( bIsVideo) return


if ( bIsAudio) return


} return 4096;


That's all!

Regards GeminiServer

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comment:1 Changed at 2004-07-06T07:59:29+01:00 by gamester17

Logged In: YES user_id=630186

  1. BTW suggest you submit the same patch to MPLayer too ;-)

(PS! You can upload it MPlayer SF.NET project but to be sure they get it also send to thier dev mailing-list after subscribe).

@elupus, is it ok if I assign this patch to you?, maybe wait to integrate into our CVS after or at same time as MPlayer pre5?

comment:2 Changed at 2004-07-06T11:45:12+01:00 by elupus

Logged In: YES user_id=741957

sure.. looks harmless to me, seems weird that it could be the reason however..

comment:3 Changed at 2004-07-06T16:07:18+01:00 by elupus

Logged In: YES user_id=741957

Applied in cvs with minor modification. Only change default for internetfiles. Still think there has to be some other reason for this, but i can't test it.

comment:4 Changed at 2004-07-06T21:42:26+01:00 by geminiserver

Logged In: YES user_id=630130

@elupus i have verified the change.. it's OK!

comment:5 Changed at 2004-07-07T02:03:51+01:00 by elupus

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