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Movie list not updated after refreshing a movie

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Priority: 4 - Normal
Component: Database / Library for Videos (Movies and TV-Shows) Version: 17.4 "Krypton" final
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1) I refresh a movie via its info dialog.
2) after a successful refresh, the info dialog updates with the info from the new idMovie and I see new entries in the art table for it.
3) closing the dialog seems to attempt to refresh the movie list, but it doesn't because...
4) ... Kodi attempts to load the art for the old media_id, and since that info was removed during the refresh, a new row is created in the art table, pointing to the old idMovie, with a thumbnail of the video.

I have a feeling this is related to Kodi caching item-lists and not invalidating that cache.

I om 17.4 RC1 (20170707), have been running MySQL as the database for multiple instances of Kodi for years, without a problem.

1) Jarvis never suffered from this problem.
2) I did a fresh install of Kodi and MySQL. I checked the problem when the library had just 10 and 100 items. Everything worked without a problem. When the library came close to 2000 items, it went bad again.
3) Windows and Android (Fire TV and Zidoo) were the ones i found the issue on.

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+1 - Same issue here - Been using MySQL setup for years without issue and since moving away from Jarvis I have been having this problem

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