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skipping frames on intel NUC

Reported by: mikeboss Owned by: FernetMenta
Priority: 4 - Normal
Component: Video playback (inc. audio in video and codecs) Version: 17.0 "Krypton" Beta4
Severity: Normal Keywords: frames skipping intel nuc
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Blocking: Platform: Linux


during playback the system is constantly skipping frames. every 10 seconds or so, I see one or two frames skipped. it's subtle when watchin movies but I'm noticing it.

tested also with latest "Milhouse" build #1005 (issue NOT resolved).

Intel NUC DC3217IYE with Intel Core i3-3217U & HD Graphics 4000

on v7.90.006 ALPHA all settings stock except display refresh rate is set to 50 Hz and "Adjust display refresh rate" is set to "Always".

the issue can not be reproduced on Raspberry Pi 2 running the same release of LibreELEC. the issue can not be reproduced on Intel NUC DC3217IYE running OpenELEC 6.0.3 the issue can not be reproduced if all settings are left at the factory defaults the issue can not be reproduced if the display refresh rate is set to 24 Hz and "Adjust display refresh rate" is disabled the issue can not be reproduced if "sync playback to display" is enabled the issue can be reproduced as soon as "Adjust display refresh rate" is set to "Always" the issue can be reproduced on LibreELEC (Jarvis 16.1) v7.0.2

Kodi logfile: http://sprunge.us/aghK Kodi debug logfile: http://sprunge.us/gFOa

threads in forums: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=269815&page=151 https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread-1231.html

mediainfo: General Unique ID : 193262601416799577428073575155715625802 (0x916505EB2F33E89C97F2226C3D89534A) Complete name : /Volumes/TRANSIT/Mr.Robot.S02E05.eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-NTb.mkv Format : Matroska Format version : Version 4 / Version 2 File size : 1.61 GiB Duration : 51 min Overall bit rate : 4 483 kb/s Encoded date : UTC 2016-08-04 13:48:13 Writing application : mkvmerge v8.3.0 ('Over the Horizon') 64bit Writing library : libebml v1.3.1 + libmatroska v1.4.2

Video ID : 1 Format : AVC Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec Format profile : [email protected] Format settings, CABAC : No Format settings, ReFrames : 2 frames Codec ID : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC Duration : 51 min Bit rate : 4 097 kb/s Width : 1 280 pixels Height : 720 pixels Display aspect ratio : 16:9 Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS Color space : YUV Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 Bit depth : 8 bits Scan type : Progressive Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.185 Stream size : 1.47 GiB (91%) Language : English Default : Yes Forced : No Color range : Limited Color primaries : BT.709 Transfer characteristics : BT.709 Matrix coefficients : BT.709

Audio ID : 2 Format : AC-3 Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 Mode extension : CM (complete main) Format settings, Endianness : Big Codec ID : A_AC3 Duration : 51 min Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 384 kb/s Channel(s) : 6 channels Channel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz Frame rate : 31.250 FPS (1536 spf) Compression mode : Lossy Stream size : 141 MiB (9%) Language : English Default : Yes Forced : No

Text ID : 3 Format : UTF-8 Codec ID : S_TEXT/UTF8 Codec ID/Info : UTF-8 Plain Text Duration : 50 min Bit rate : 61 b/s Count of elements : 829 Stream size : 23.0 KiB (0%) Language : English Default : Yes Forced : No

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comment:1 Changed at 2016-10-06T14:59:29+01:00 by FernetMenta

please provide logs for v17

comment:2 Changed at 2016-10-06T16:27:10+01:00 by mikeboss

issue exists (for me) since I first switched from OpenELEC 6.0.3 to LibreELEC (7.0.2) that's why I had a debug log from the old version...

freshly created log -> http://pastebin.com/7xtZuk7w

comment:3 Changed at 2016-10-06T16:37:47+01:00 by FernetMenta

All Intel GPUs prior to Haswell have a bug and can't do correct 23.976. You should turn on "Sync playback to display". That makes audio resampled to display speed.

comment:4 Changed at 2016-10-06T16:54:09+01:00 by mikeboss

okay, thnx a lot!

regards, michael

comment:5 Changed at 2016-10-07T07:45:34+01:00 by FernetMenta

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your are welcome

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