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String improvements for translations

Reported by: tmtisfree Owned by: alanwww1
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On all platforms:

  • in System info > Summary, "kernel" is not translated;
  • in System info > Video, "GPU" is not linked to the real string (string #995);
  • in System info > Hardware, "CPU" is not linked to the real string (string #993);
  • all file size units should be translated (eg "MB" is normalized as "Mo", "GB" as "Go", etc in French);
  • in the "Choose art" window from the Movie information window, the default items "poster" and "fanart" should have been displayed together with their own translation;
  • in the "Choose art" window from the Movie information window, the default items "poster" and "fanart" should have been displayed together with their own translation;
  • no consistency with the colon use, which should never be embed in code btw. See the WEATHER section where there should be no space in English before the colon (so that languages that need a space could properly have one across Kodi once strings are translated);
  • in Profiles settings, "Master user" should be translated or abstracted;
  • no consistency with plural in Add-ons > My add-ons settings: "Skin" "Visualisation", Screensaver", "Web interface", "Add-on repository" should all be plural like the other strings;
  • in the Group management window (which should have its own title), the 4 strings:

"Hidden Radio channels"/"Visible Radio channels"/"Hidden TV channels"/"Visible TV channels" are all in fact a combination of 2 strings: "Hidden Radio"+"channels"/"Visible Radio"+"channels"/"Hidden TV"+"channels"/"Visible TV"+"channels" which are not very translatable in language where adjectives must placed at the last position in an expression to have meaning;

  • in the Group management window, the string title "Available Groups" should be on 1 line like the other blue titles;
  • the left tab should have some more width space for translation please (about +50px should be good enough);
  • there are many instances of a built-in additional space which should not be there in Kodi's main titles. For ex. when browsing to Add-ons > Language, the title is "Add-ons-_Language" (1 underscore = 1 space). There is always 2 spaces before the blue minus sign "-" in all titles where this blue symbol appears. There should be one space only;
  • no consistency with window/dialogue titles: most windows/dialogues have their own title, but some have not, eg:

"Export video library" from Video settings, "Export audio library" from Audio settings, "Channel manager" from TV > General settings, "Add-on info", "Video info" on a drawer/share, "Lock preferences" in Edit profile window, "Specify component-specific logging..." from System > Logging settings (ellipsis in the window's title), "Song information" "Album information", "Change content" from , "Set my rating" from both the Song information and Movie information windows, "Choose art" from the Movie information window which is used in the button, in the title of the "poster/fanart" window and also in the title of the "poster" window, "Add art" in the "Choose art" window from the Movie information window, etc. Explanation: as we usually (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipsis#C...interfaces) put an ellipsis "…" at the end of a string to indicate the user that a new window/dialogue will open, one cannot do that when the window/dialogue shares its title's string with the button/item/whatever's string it comes from since an ellipsis in a window/dialogue title is meaningless;

  • audio DSP add-ons are not translated and also some strings in the UI to change audio DSP on the fly when playing a song (edit December 26, 2015);
  • when removing a Music/files/ source and clicking Yes, the next window's title should be "Unassigned content" as for removing a Videos/files/ source (edit December 26, 2015);
  • there is a "sPORT" genre with no translation although a "Sport" genre with a translation also exists (edit December 26, 2015);
  • if using the shutdown timer, the minute unit "m" in the bottom right of the Exit/Power off/etc window is not translated (edit/found by ryann January 1, 2016);
  • when clicking on "Settings > System > Power saving: Shutdown Function" , the "Shutdown" choice in the list should be best named "Power Off" (edit/found by ryann January 3, 2016).

On Android:

  • in System info > Storage, "Filesystem", "Size", "Use", "Avail" and "Use %" are not translated;
  • in System info > Storage, file size unit "G" (which should be "GB" btw) is not translated (see also above about file size units);
  • in System info > Hardware, "BogoMips", "Harware", "Revision", "Serial" are not translated;

On OS/X (edit December 26, 2015):

  • in System info > Storage, "Filesystem", "Size", "Use", "Avail", "Capacity", "iused", "ifree", "%iused" and "Mounted on" are not translated;

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