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seeking in videos with .edl's doesn't work

Reported by: Ned Scott Owned by: elupus
Priority: 4 - Normal
Component: Video playback (inc. audio in video and codecs) Version: 15.0 "Isengard" Beta1
Severity: Normal Keywords: edl mplayer edit decision list
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Making a ticket for this just for tracking purposes. I'm fairly certain those involved in EDLs are already aware of the issue.

The issue:

I came across this when I made my own "Mplayer" style EDL (the one that uses the .edl file extension) for a recap episode of a TV show. I cut the actual recap scenes so the episode only played the new content. It works wonderfully when you just play, and the total time is adjusted to the new cut time.

Then I attempted to use StepForward, and all hell broke loose. I was transported to almost the end of the hour long video when I should have gone only 30 seconds. StepBack also freaked out, and at one point wouldn't let me go any further back than one specific point in time.

Fast Forward and Rewind seem to work better, but the playback time freaks out.

If you stop the video and then resume it later, it's the same as using StepForward/Back, and everything goes crazy.

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EDL xbmc.log (113.9 KB) - added by Ned Scott at 2014-05-11T09:03:28+01:00.

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comment:1 Changed at 2014-05-11T09:03:09+01:00 by Ned Scott

My old test case. I can make a newer debug log at any time if anyone needs it. The issue is the same in v13.0 Gotham:

Example EDL, just save it in a file as video_name.edl. I used a random TV show. It doesn't seem to matter what the video actually is.

00:05:00 00:06:00 0
00:10:55 00:11:20 0
00:13:00 00:14:00 0
00:16:15 00:16:49 0

Debug log using the above EDL on Mac OS X, March 29th nightly Gotham build: http://pastebin.com/PuBKjBNe

I used step forward about 8 times to reach the first edit point at 5 minutes. These are all fine. The 9th StepForward and XBMC has jumped farther than 30 seconds, both in the actual video and in the displayed time. I do this a few more times, and XBMC is jumping too far. Then I used StepBack four times, each time XBMC goes forward in time.

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Present in 13.1 beta 2

comment:4 Changed at 2014-06-06T22:50:29+01:00 by Ned Scott

Seems this impacts more than just mplayer .edl's, It also affects Comskip (.txt) style EDLs, as well as whatever NPVR uses. MythTV's EDL method doesn't seem affected, though.

I will try to find time to test these in greater detail.

EDIT: never mind, I misunderstood the user who reported comskip not working.

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comment:5 Changed at 2015-05-07T21:38:38+01:00 by Ned Scott

  • Version changed from 13.0 "Gotham" Final to 15.0 "Isengard" Beta1

Confirmed as still broken on v15.0 Beta 1

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