Milestone 10.0 "Dharma"

Completed 10 years ago (2010-12-18T08:28:11Z)


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Audio Visualization

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Audio playback (audio/video files)

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Build System

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DVD-Video menu navigation and playback

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Database / Library for Music

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Database / Library for Videos (Movies and TV-Shows)

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File Manager

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Fonts (Subtitles Font or GUI Font)

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Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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Installer / Initial Setup Guide (Wizards)

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Keymapping (Remote Control / Gamepad Controller)

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Linux Distribution (Operating-System)

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Linux specific features

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Mac OS X specific feature

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Other (un-categorized if does not fit anywhere else)

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Pictures Viewing / Slideshow Display

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Playlists (Audio or Video)

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Programs / Application Launcher Section

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Python Code and/or Scripts

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RAR or ZIP archive handling

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Scraper (Music/Video Metadata collector)

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Streaming (Internet)

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Streaming (Local)

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Thumbnails / Covers / Posters / FanArt

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Translation / Language files / Internationalization

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Video playback (inc. audio in video and codecs)

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Weather forecasts

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Web Server / Web Interface / Web API / JSON-RPC

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Windows (Win32) Distribution / Installer

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Windows specific feature

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Major new notable features and functions in XBMC 10.0 (Codename "Dharma"):

Addons Manager

GUI Engine:

  • Improved XBMC's GUI Engine / Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful
  • Added option to choose "default select action" of the showing info screen for videos
  • Added FanArt support for Addons
  • Added initial gesture support to XBMC's GUI Engine (adding touch interface API support to libgui)
  • Added initial support for Windows Touch API (Windows 7 touch features and functions)
  • Added ability for Karaoke player to optionally show the next song that will be played
  • Added video information flagging for trailers
  • Improved mouse support, added better exclusive control support for dragging of sliders/scroll bars
  • Improved mouse click handling and added the possibility of long verses short clicks detection
  • Updated translations for most languages (thanks to all community members who contributed!)
  • Renamed "Plugins" in the Addons UI to "Media Sources" as that is what they are now
  • Removed AAC, MP1, MP2, and MP3 passthrough options settings from the GUI
  • Removed all Xbox only strings from the language files since the Xbox platform is no longer supported


  • Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe hardware accelerated video decoders support
  • Added native support for unencrypted Blu-ray Disc playback without menus (via libbluray)
  • Added Blu-ray Disc detection for external players (map external player in playercorefactory.xml)
  • Added support for using libbluray to play bdmv files (index.bdmv or *.mpls) from local folders
  • Added raw bitstream pass-through support for MP1, MP2, MP3, and AAC encoded audio tracks
  • Added real-time ATSC A/52 encoder for on-the-fly Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) transcoded output
  • Added support for 5.1 Multi-Channel Analog Output (discrete 6-channel PCM output)
  • Added post-processing support and options for videos in standard definition resolutions
  • Added High-Quality Lanczos Upscalers (Video Resamplers) as OpenGL GLSL Shaders
  • Added support for embedded Blu-ray/AVCHD PGS subtitles in MKV (Matroska) video containers
  • Added support to use MKV (Matroska) embedded descriptions for audio and subtitle tracks
  • Added support for DEFAULT/FORCED Matroska flags for subtitles
  • Added support for color text subtitles in MKV files
  • Added support for unsorted subtitles (ass/ssa, srt, smi)
  • Added support for multiple language SAMI subtitle
  • Added initial WebDAV (HTTP) media source support to XBMC's VFS (Virtual File System)
  • Added initial SFTP media source support to XBMC's VFS (Virtual File System)
  • Added support for WebM via libvpx
  • Added Zapstream support for Tuxbox (Dreambox/DBox2) client
  • Added RTMPE/RTMPTE and improved RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS support via librtmp from RTMPDump
  • Added "Wide Zoom" video mode option, a combination zoom, cropping, and non-linear stretching
  • Added "Stretch 14x9" video mode option, a combination of zoom, cropping, and linear stretching
  • Added "Stretch 16x9" video mode option, a combination of zoom, cropping, and linear stretching
  • Added support to extract lyrics from Lyrics3v2 (Lyrics3 2.00) ID3 tags when available in music files
  • Added support to configured cache buffer size via advancedsettings.xml (rather than hardcoded)
  • Upgraded FFmpeg that significantly improves the decoding of all widespread mainstream codecs
  • Improved generalization of chapter support and SeekTime from the input stream interface
  • Improved Dream Multimedia Dreambox Enigma2 bouquets support in the TuxBox Client
  • Improved audio channel matrix mapping, audio channels downmixing, and upmixing support
  • Improved DVD-Video navigation in using Next and Prev
  • Improved timecode-based seeking in videos


  • Added FanArt image cache height-value size option to advancedsettings.xml (defaults to 480)
  • Added initial support for MySQL as abstracted database backend for video and music libraries
  • Added improved portability of SQL statements used in the video and music libraries
  • Added ability to sort TV Shows folders by the date of the last recorded episode
  • Added support for Movie Sets (option to group movie collections into sets for customized sorting)
  • Added support to allow scrapers to use a normal settings.xml
  • Improved performance for SQL database queries (expert help is always wanted in this area!)
  • Improved video scanner engine
  • Improved metadata scraper engine



  • Confluence: Addon Browser specific window and icon to get to it in the settings GUI
  • Confluence: Added border to the Addon icons in media info view for a uniformed look
  • Confluence: Added FanArt support for the Addon Browser
  • Confluence: Added buttons in the OSD's for Lyrics and Subtitle Addons
  • Confluence: Added browsing for subtitles in full screen video overlay
  • Confluence: Added browsing for lyrics in full screen video overlay
  • Confluence: Added "Recently Added" Movies and TV Shows script view in the home menu
  • Confluence: Improved file and folder path name reading for media flagging
  • Confluence: Removed script window completely (turns out you don't need one now)


Live Specific:

Linux Specific:

  • Optimized keymapping for navigation with MCE (Microsoft Windows Media Center) compatible remotes
  • Added PPA (Personal Package Archives) packages for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Added support for ARM processor architecture (with TI OMAP3 and NVIDIA Tegra 2 as reference)
  • Added initial support OpenGL ES 2.0 compliance in the Linux renderer for embedded devices via EGL
  • Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support
  • Added VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Added OpenMAX Video Acceleration support (requires OpenMax IL compatible hardware, like Tegra2)
  • Added NEON (ARM) Video Acceleration support (requires NEON compatible hardware, like OMAP3)
  • Added initial implementation of the OnLowBattery signal in UPower
  • Added lircmap for linux-input-layer devices to allow for joystick and gamepad keymaps
  • Added lircmap for Alienware Alienware Dual Compatible Game Pad
  • Added lircmap for the Xbox 360 (wireless) controller
  • Added lircmap for Interact AxisPad
  • Added lircmap for MCE (Microsoft Windows Media Center) remotes via SoundGraph iMON IR-receivers
  • Added lircmap for Twinhan remotes
  • Added lircmap for Antec's VERIS family RM200 / Antec Fusion Remote Control
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration and its upscaling/deinterlacing capabilities
  • Improved AMD/Intel x86-64 64-bit (AMD64 / IA-64t CPU architectures) support

Windows Specific:

Mac OS X Specific:

Apple TV Specific:

  • Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support
  • Added support for Apple TV OS 3.0.2

*Please note that the new Web Server may break some third-party remote apps that use XBMC's HTTP API

*Also note that all skins, plugins, and scripts need to be updated by their authors to work with Dharma

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.