Important: Kodi's Issue Tracking System has moved

After many years of service Team Kodi has decided to leave trac behind and move all ticket handling to our central location at Github. By doing so we hope to make these issues more visible to all developers out there and perhaps they can help resolve them.

The new location can be found here: Github issues. This of course means you will need a Github user account before you can create a new issue.

Kodi Media Center is a free and open source (GPL) media-player and entertainment hub. For more information about Kodi, please visit the official Kodi website (

With regards, Team Kodi

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You can login to Trac with your forum username and password. Both the username and password are case-sensitive.
Please note that ticket reports can only be seen when logged in.

If you get an error stating "Missing or invalid form token. Do you have cookies enabled?",
You will need to delete your cookies for both and
(see TRAC:16673)

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